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    italiano capucino punto prego tempra combi capricioza la szate mi kantare

    • HlyYMhdPCohXBtGmItC 01.10.2012, 06:36

      What have Rodney Hide, Jim Anderton, Peter Dunne and (until Saturday) Winston Peters all got in common? Answer: A safe elttcoraee that can act as a springboard for their parties in parliament by guaranteeing they will not die by the threshold cut. The lesson for the the Greens and the now near-defunct Alliance and all individuals who wish to establish a presence in the MMP parliament is to adopt a policy of winning an elttcoraee seat. Love him or hate him (and I can't stand the guy) Rodney Hide has instructed everyone who really wants to be in parliament how to do it: Be relentlessly on message, relentlessly positive about your chances, be prepared to accept one, two or even three defeats with a smile (in other words, be prepared to work for up to nine years for a victory), and wear out three pairs of shoes in the three months before polling day.The way NOT to do it is to try once then do a whole lot of special case bleeting that the MMP threshold should be lowered or you didn't get a fair hearing in the media or whatever. MMP can work for even the smallest party, you just have to establish your elttcoraee base first.

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      zapomniałeś o wafangulo amigo

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      nie peniaj synku o mój włoski.

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      capriciosa pyszna
      i to chyba wszystkie słowa, jakie Og zna po włosku

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      no do jasnej anili!

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