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    extra ordinary lucek i aram. to była bardzo długa sobota.

    • OZyJTyYceYcP 01.10.2012, 07:23

      Hi Tom.I tend to lurk in a number of pcelas, but the main ones are the Guardian's CIF (Comment is Free) Environment blogs and also Carbon Brief, and from there I make occasional forays into the newspaper comments such as the Daily Express, The Daily Mail and the Daily Telegraph. To be specific about what I've noticed (and again with the proviso that I might be premature) is some of the cleverer, more science-aware of those individuals in denial seem to have withdrawn from those sites. Of course there are still those around who endlessly repeat the usual inane memes like it's all a scam to tax us and climate's always changing , and little else, but some of the ones who cherry pick the peer reviewed literature and will take us on with a pseudo-scientific argument, as I say, seem to have reduced their forays into enemy territory (that is challenging us on the climate consensus sites). I guess at that point they'll just stick to the sites, like WUWT and Bishop Hill, where they feel comfortable.I think it's a great idea to set up some way of formally monitoring this possible trend. I think one possible approach is to monitor specific commenters with known sceptic views and track their posts. I think it's pointless asking them, as what will happen is that once their opinions seems to be taking on water and they lose confidence, they'll just go to ground. It takes a very big person to admit that they've been wrong all along.I'll let you know if this suspicion hardens up.Give my regards to John Cook and his colleagues.Cheers,JR

    • pnk 23.03.2009, 16:11

      nr 1-marlon brando za dyche (10)!

    • lucek 23.03.2009, 12:36

      lesna ubita

    • Personality01 23.03.2009, 10:33

      Fajne dupy, znajome?

    • jwn 23.03.2009, 01:06

      pierwszy jak mlody mick jagger w vogue, gratulacje.

    • agu 23.03.2009, 01:02

      36i6 to przeciez bucza ziomale, wiec czego sie spodziewaliscie? heh

    • dzr 23.03.2009, 00:22

      roldkile kreca sie chwile

    • mutek 23.03.2009, 00:08


    • łysy 22.03.2009, 22:41

      o kuuurwa lucek wyszedl jak z okladki gejzera

    • orlen 22.03.2009, 22:32

      36i6 dobre pałki, agu cos o nich wie

    • maxbmx 22.03.2009, 22:25

      gdzies widziałem typów

    • ogien 22.03.2009, 22:25

      gdyż przed nami wspaniały wojaż bo świetnych polskich drogach.

    • re 22.03.2009, 22:16

      co tacy zmartwieni i smutni?

    • tran 22.03.2009, 22:09

      pan zero very nice ;)

    • dubiel 22.03.2009, 21:58

      nie znam typów

    • olderkurdebalans 22.03.2009, 20:09

      pozdrowienia dla chłopaków..a z tą Wierchomlą to o co chodzi?

    • ogien 22.03.2009, 19:49

      no i jeszcze bardzo ciekawa miejscowośc waksmund.

    • aram 22.03.2009, 19:46

      z gory chcialbym podziekowac panu zza biurka korporacji 36i6 za sesje w Wierchomli pod Ogłazami Ryterskimi, na którą każdy miał taką ochotę jak my miny na tych fotach. Róbcie tak dalej a napewno kazdy przejdzie do waszej sieci...